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Birch Bay, WA

We have been hanging out at the Thousand Trails RV Park in Birch Bay, Washington for a couple of days trying to get last minute things done before crossing the border into Canada. And, we really haven’t done much of it, though we plan on crossing tomorrow. We still have to fix the steps, get a rabies shot for the dog, grocery shop, get gas and propane, and print out a bunch of customs forms. I’ll be honest: we are procrastinators. But what fun is it if we aren’t rushing around getting things done at the last minute?

[one hour later]

The steps are finally fixed! Again. We were missing a pin, which must be a Very Important Pin. But the steps go up and the steps go down, and it is one less thing on “The List.” Also off “The List” is printing out the customs forms. But “The List” just got bigger. I need to drink a bottle of wine before we go, so we don’t have to pay Canada Duty for importing it. Depending on which website one views, the duty could be about $5 or about $36. For a $25 bottle of wine that I could buy in Canada for $30, I think $36 is a bit much.

It is 6PM, the Orioles game is on and I have to cook the chicken and fresh vegetables that I can’t take across the border tomorrow. The rest of “The List” will have to wait.

For those of you who may be traveling this way, I highly suggest not coming up to the Blaine/Birch Bay area without stopping first for fuel, food, propane, or anything else you might need. The prices here are 20-50% higher than they are 15 miles south, in Bellingham.

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