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Somewhere in Canada…

On Tuesday, in spite of having “The List” of things to do, we got up late. It wasn’t because of the wine; I only had a glassful. Mike was having stomach issues and I just couldn’t sleep. But by 10:30 we were ready to roll. We got propane at Thousand Trails ($2.10/g) and headed down to the Bellingham Walmart.

I really don’t like shopping at Walmart. I avoid it at all costs. But sometimes, it’s the only game in town. In this case, it had a parking lot large enough for us and it was close to Dollar Wise Animal Clinic.

Dollar Wise is a great place. You walk in the door (no appointment, no waiting), tell them what you need, they give it to you, and you leave. In this case, we needed a rabies shot for Belle. Not a wellness exam, not x-rays, not a gazillion tests, just a rabies shot. It is hard to find a vet clinic that doesn’t want to do all of the above, charge $250, and then give a rabies shot. So, Mike took less time at the vets than I took at Walmart. He also spent a lot less; the vet bill was $17. Walmart: $88. I will do penance for that.

We crossed the border at Lynden. It was a mistake – we forgot we needed to turn right to get to Sumas. The building is under construction, there was only one gate open and the wait for us was about 45 minutes. For the 40 cars behind us, even longer. I would suggest going to any other crossing. I think the crossing is what caused my insomnia the night before. I have a problem with authority figures – they completely terrify me (even though I’ve been married to a cop for 16 years). And of course, the gate was on the passenger side so I had to do all the talking. We gave her our passports. She asked about where we lived, our vehicle plate number (I had to give our registration), why we were going to Canada, and how long we would be staying. Then: “how much alcohol? How many cigarettes? Any meat? Pets? Rabies? Did you stop at the Duty Free shop?” And then we had to park. We have a shotgun and they require people to go inside to finish the paperwork. We went inside and they made us sit for about five minutes, probably watching us to see if we looked guilty. I guess we didn’t, because they let us into the country.

We drove, east and then north, staying on Route 1 through Abbottsford. At first there was traffic and then it petered out and became rural. Then we entered Fraser Canyon. It is quite beautiful, even when overcast. We made it past Boston Bar and Lytton to a large turnout along the river with a good view (The Milepost mark A130). There are trains passing below us and trucks passing beside us but the location is rather pleasant. Mike was able to watch the Orioles game (they lost) as our tiny roof top dish managed to pull a Dish signal over the snowcapped mountains to our south.

Miles traveled from Walmart, @153. Gas prices up Route 1: $1.21-1.29/L.


The view from the pull off.

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3 thoughts on “Somewhere in Canada…

  1. So sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience at the border. Sumas was definitely less hectic. Even though we were also interrogated, and Tim had to go inside to see Immigration, we made it through in one piece. Hopefully, our future border crossings will go much more smoothly.

    • It wasn’t so bad. We didn’t have to clean up after being searched. We saw a class A on the US side being searched, though we don’t know why.

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