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The RV Life*

The RV life is similar to ‘regular’ life. We sleep, we eat, we do laundry, we pay bills – everything a ‘regular’ person does. In ‘regular’ life, people travel and go on vacations; for RV Life, these are part of day to day living.

We divide up our RV life into three categories: traveling, touristing, and living. Traveling are the days we are moving our house, typically from point A to point B, kind of like repositioning a ship. The reasons for moving could be location, people, or weather. Touristing are the days we spend looking at things and places. Living are the days we spend doing things required to keep traveling, touristing, and existing comfortably. This includes paying bills, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

We typically travel one or two days per week. Now that we have been on the road for a year, our travel days are getting shorter and further apart. The frantic ‘see everything and go everywhere days’ are shrinking and we are getting to a much more relaxed pace.

We typically tourist two or three days per week. This mostly depends on the area, the weather, and how motivated we are. Touristing includes hiking, 4-wheeling, seeing sites (museums, historical points, etc), and wandering around. We used to do this about five days per week, but it got exhausting quickly.

Living takes up two to three days a week. Grocery shopping, laundry, being lazy, paying bills, sitting by the lake reading a book, all count as part of daily living. We had to do it before we RVed and so we do it now. They are a day to step back from what ever frantic pace we set for ourselves and take a breather.

Before we went full time in our RV, we would take two to three week vacations where we would race frantically from here to there, trying to see and do everything.  When we got home, we would always need a day to decompress, to vacation from our vacation, before we could slip back into the regular world. We made the same mistake when we first started full timing: wanting to see and do everything as quickly as possible just in case we had to go back.  It took us about six months (we don’t learn quickly) before we realized there was nothing to go back to, that this was it. Once that realization took hold, we slowed down, added quite a few more ‘Living’ days, and have been loving life ever since. Balance is important.

Right now, our days of going to Alaska more closely resemble our frantic first months of full timing. We have a far away goal and are traveling more than living. Part of this is due to the distance required to get there. Part of it is due to the years we have been anticipating the trip. But, a week into our 16 week journey, we finally took a Living day. I didn’t get the laundry done and I didn’t get any grocery shopping done, but I did get in a couple of levels of Pet Rescue and a chapter or two of a book. I have to admit though, it is way better than working.

* This is our RV Life. This is not meant to be the final word on how other RVers live their life.

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4 thoughts on “The RV Life*

  1. This post perfectly captures what RV life is all about. Living really is an important component. I also agree that Alaska will require much more traveling and touristing – it just seems unavoidable. I’m already thinking about finding someplace to decompress for a month when we return to the Lower 48.

  2. Agreed … well-described. We’ve been squeezing in some long-overdue overseas travels, so “the living” portion of RV’ing is mostly what we do these days, but that’s about to change … at least for the summer, with traveling and touristing becoming a part of our RV’ing life again … but mostly from month-long bases that will allow us to chill and live life, too.

  3. Overseas travel is the ‘next dream!’ I think we are starting to seriously thing about New Zealand. I see you all have been to South America – I will be checking your blog to get more information, since you all have been doing it much longer than we!

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