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Terrace, BC

I probably shouldn’t title this post, “Terrace” as we really didn’t see much of it. We were parked here for two nights but one day was getting here, one day was leaving, and one day was checking out Prince Rupert. Terrace was a nice little town, with everything one could need to get by and beautiful scenery, though.

The drive from Kitwanga to Terrace, about 65 miles, was beautiful. It gave us a taste of what is to come as we headed further north.


Road to Terrace. Please ignore the bug smears.

We made our way to Wild Duck Motel and RV Park on the far end of town. Many people would hate this park. The sites are small and very close together. But, it has laundry, cable, wifi, 30A, and water and sewer. All for $33CAD. The owner was very nice, the other guests were very nice and we enjoyed our stay. There are train whistles and some road noise but it wasn’t really bothersome. We didn’t get laundry done (again) because we completely forgot we need loonies, not quarters. We don’t have any Canadian money at all and have been getting by with credit cards.

We ate lunch at Mr. Mike’s which has a great steak salad. The grapefruit vinaigrette they put on their house salad is a little disconcerting but, if you REALLY like grapefruit, should suit you fine. The rest of the day we just chilled, relaxing after two long days of driving. We didn’t know it at the time, but this weekend was a long holiday weekend (which explains the look we got from the owner of Wild Duck when we made a two day reservation).

On Saturday we woke slow and lazy and eventually headed to Prince Rupert. It was a beautiful day out, sunny and in the 70s F. The road to Prince Rupert is well paved, beautiful, and the travel is easy.


Route 16 to Prince Rupert

The Skeena River was very high, going outside its banks occasionally but not quite flooding anything.


Skeena Rising

There were many lovely pullouts along the way.


panorama just outside of Rupert

We made it to Prince Rupert in pretty good time. The sky turned overcast and cloudy the closer we got and it turned into a rather dreary day. We weren’t really impressed with Rupert as a city; it had a utilitarian, industrial flavor. There were some very interesting houses here and there but the over all impression we were left with was much like the weather. We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant (name withheld to protect the innocent) with a wonderfully warm waitress serving us but felt the food matched the town – it served it purpose and nothing else.

We headed to Port Edward where the sun and warmth once again returned. It is a great short detour with an historic site at the end.


Port Edward Cannery


We returned home to Wild Duck and called it a day.

We did manage, some time during those two days, to hit the grocery store (Safeway). We were desperate for fresh vegetables. The selection was varied, and included organic vegetables. We looked at meat but the price, New York strip for $26.50CAD/lb. made us reconsider. The seafood was mostly previously frozen, so we passed on that also.

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One thought on “Terrace, BC

  1. We were also underwhelmed with Prince Rupert as a town. Hopefully, the drive along the Skeena River made up for the town’s shortcomings.

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