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Whitehorse, YT

To be honest, we didn’t plan on stopping in Whitehorse. Up until we turned left onto the Alaska Highway, we debated on whether or not we were going to Skagway. And Skagway lost. So we turned toward Whitehorse. We had a lot of maintenance to do, along with some long needed chilling out.

We chose the Pioneer RV Park. It was nothing pretty, as it seems the case of most RV Parks up here, but it had many things we really needed. Like a mechanic on duty that does oil changes (and has the needed parts on hand). It also has a pressure wash area for RVs and cars, a pet wash area, and a large laundry. In less than 36 hours, we washed the RV, washed the jeep, got an oil change, cleaned the inside of the RV, did three loads of laundry, and met a few more north bound travelers including a caravan of Aussies and Kiwis touring Alaska. Pioneer RV Park offers many other services but we didn’t find the time to use them.

We did manage to sneak into to town to eat, shop, and look around. Whitehorse, considering its small size, is a very crowded town. We ran into rush hour traffic that seemed to last most of the day. We drove by the Walmart but, it was so crowded with RVs (more than 50) that we didn’t bother to find a parking space. We shopped at the Superstore and picked up some staples but the prices and product selection (for an American) were abysmal ($36/lb. for New York Strip). The vegetables were okay but not the freshest.

We ate a meal at Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ. I had the fish and chips (halibut) which were really good. The salmon and chips are also supposed to be good but we were too full. Mike had the ribs. If you have been in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, or many other southern states, you may find them lacking. But overall, it was a good meal and we enjoyed the dinner talk with our tablemates, a couple from Southern California on a tour (by plane, train, and cruiseship). An added bonus was the street fight outside. The police showed up about 20 minutes after it ended.

Whitehorse has a very pretty setting. But, because it is the largest town for a few hundred miles, a lot of traffic moving in and out. It wasn’t somewhere I would stay for any length of time but a great place to resupply and move on.

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One thought on “Whitehorse, YT

  1. After being in the “wilderness” for so long, rush hour traffic must have come as quite a shock. Those types of stops are necessary, however, and we’ll be doing ours in Juneau.

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