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Moose Crossing

Driving up the Haines Highway (Route 7) we encountered a bear jam. It was only a bus and a class C but that is a traffic jam here. They were stopped on the road so we figured the chance of a wildlife sighting was pretty high. We pulled off the side just past them and looked: a moose crossing the river.

I quickly pulled out the monster (my pet name for the 100-400L lens I use for wildlife), and ran across the road.


Mother moose and calf

A mother moose was guiding her young calf across the river. The river was swollen over its natural banks due to snow melt. On maps, this ‘part’ of the river isn’t even shown; all of it may just be spring snow melt, though we haven’t been here before so we don’t really know.


Mother moose climbing the bank


calf making it to land

She makes it up on the bank and waits for her calf. The calf struggled for about two minutes to get footing on the bank – it occurred to me what a disadvantage it is not to have hands.


Getting up on the bank


Mother moose drifts away and then comes back to check progress. The calf is slowly making it up on its feet. Mother moose seems impatient.


Mother moose waiting for calf


Calf got on its feet after a short rest.

By this time, about five minutes had passed from when we first spotted the moose in the river. The mother moose and the calf, after a minute or two of recovering, start moving into the woods.


Calf recovers enough to move on

But mother moose seems distracted. She keeps looking back at the water. And then we spot it: a second calf still in the river.


calf two in the river

This calf was no where near where we first saw the mother moose and calf; it was about 100 feet upstream. The calf managed to make it to the bank. It struggled for a couple of minutes before it made it up on shore. Mother moose waited.


second calf makes it to shore


the second calf makes it


the meese wander off into the woods

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4 thoughts on “Moose Crossing

  1. Awwwww… What a sweet post and how fortunate you were to be able to witness this. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing that special moment(s).

  2. Marsha on said:

    What an awesome opportunity to see moose in action (meese? ha ha). I can’t wait to see what “we” see next.

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