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Repairs in Tok

You would expect, being the “crossroads” of Alaska, a place that everyone must drive through, that Tok would be chock full of RV and auto repair places. Surprisingly, this is not the case. While they have numerous campgrounds, they are strangely devoid of mechanics. There is an RV welding and towing shop but really, not much else.

We were desperately in need of a water pump and didn’t like the thought of having to drive all the way to Anchorage to get one nor to wait a week to have one shipped to us. The Chevron Station, where we overnighted, suggested that our best bet was The Sourdough Campground.

The Sourdough Campground is an anomaly up here, at least among the commercial campgrounds we have stayed at, passed, and/or researched. They have spaces between their campsites. And trees. They don’t have cable but they do have wifi and a good Verizon 3G signal. And the owners are great people. Tracy and Tim are warm, wonderful, and funny. And Tim makes a great reindeer chili. They jut bought the campground late last year, after spending 12 years in Arizona owning an RV repair shop. They were looking for a change of pace and ended up in Tok owning a great campground on the Tok Cut-Off Road.

We stopped by the office where they were cooking breakfast for guests and picked up our site number and our water pump. Tim said he was available to help if we had any problems. Our site was really long, semi-private, and wide enough for our slides. Belle loved wandering around in it as there was space that didn’t have gravel!

The water pump replacement went smoothly; Mike thought it was too easy as it only took a half an hour. A few screws, a couple of hoses, plug it in and he was done. While he was doing that I replaced the eyelet screw holding our pantry closed when we turned left and vacuumed the road dust that managed to get in from the rough ride on the Alaska Highway. And so, at 9:30 AM, we were done.

We were too lazy (and too tired of driving) to unhook the toad and go see the town of Tok so we tuned in the one OTA channel that is broadcast all over Alaska. It shows a decent mix of news, weather, sitcoms, movies and children’s shows. We caught up on email, did some more cleaning (there was A LOT of dust) and generally chilled out. Another relaxing day in Alaska.

We ate lunch in the Campground’s restaurant. The reindeer chili in sourdough bread was really good and spicy. The hamburger, made to order, was good. The conversation with Tim while he was cooking was excellent and we learned quite a bit about changing gears and running a campground for the first time.

When we pass through Tok again (as everyone must), we will probably stop by the Sourdough again. At the very least, for the chili.

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One thought on “Repairs in Tok

  1. I’m glad you were able to take care of all your repairs without too much difficulty. We’ll be following in your footsteps after we leave Haines, so your write-ups have been very helpful. We may have to stay at the campground in Tok just to try reindeer chili.

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