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Captain Cook State Recreation Area

When we finally pulled out of Homer, the Card Street Fire was getting under control but Skilak Road was still closed and all of the Kenai Wildlife Refuge campgrounds were also closed. We didn’t know where we were going, but we did have a few ideas.

Ninilchik view

The view in Ninilchik, a wonderful town between Homer and Nikiski. We decided to keep going as we had had enough close tight beach camping.

We traveled north as far as we could go up the coast of Cook Inlet and landed at Captain Cook State Recreation Area. We weren’t hopeful about finding a site but there were a couple of places we could overnight in the area, so we had a fall back plan if we couldn’t find anything. We drove the campground loop and while the best sites were taken, there were plenty of sites that could accommodate us – large and level. After we unhooked, I led the way with the jeep. On a whim, I stopped at a beautiful site that was tagged but empty. We figured there was a class B or C camping there that was away for the day but, according to their tag, they had left that morning. Score! We got a great site (#9) within view of the inlet.

campsite #9

Partial view of the huge campsite (#9). Cook Inlet is in the background

Discovery Campground was a great change of pace from our last two weeks of camping on the beach. There was lots of green everywhere, the spaces were very far apart, and there was a little bit of privacy for each site. A couple of drawbacks though: because of the trees, our solar wouldn’t be extremely productive, and there was barely even a 1G signal. Also, because of the fires, no camp fires allowed.


One of the dozen or so varieties of wildflowers in our site


The path to the inlet. The plants seemed to grow each day, making the path smaller and smaller…

Cook Inlet

Cook Inlet from our campground path

We made do, relaxing and enjoying our first real sunsets of our trip.


Sunset our first night. At 11:30PM or so


The horse/turtle sunset our second night

We also wanted to drive some of the trails that wind through the recreation area. The main trail goes all the way up to Turnagain Arm but unfortunately, there was an huge muddy pit blocking the way. We settled for driving some of the other trails and made our way to remote lakes.


a lake somewhere in Captain Cook

As a break from the busy, loud, claustrophobic (but beautiful) sites we had in Homer and Seward, Discovery Campground in Captain Cook State Recreation Area was perfect. But, without cell service and solar to power our batteries, we only stayed two days. We had a lot of fun though!

Just a note – the campground has quite a bit of Devil’s Club and Cow Parsnip. While the smell when the plants are blooming is heavenly, getting tangled up the plants may not be. Devil’s Club has huge thorns and Cow Parsnip can cause allergic reactions.

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2 thoughts on “Captain Cook State Recreation Area

  1. Now that is a fabulous campsite – a water view, trees, lots of space and privacy! You can’t ask for much more (3G, perhaps!). I’m glad you finally saw beautiful sunsets.

  2. Beautiful … and those sunsets … simply spectacular.

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