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The Alaska Highway

A short drive on Yukon 8 put us back on the Alaska Highway. Belle decided she needed a pit stop, so we pulled over on the side of the highway. The amount and variety of wildflowers there was unbelievable! In less than five minutes, I had amassed quite a collection.


pink clover

snowy white bush

snowy white bush


no clue what this is but it looked cool…


dandelion-like flowers on the side of the road


plants on the side of the road


grass on the side of the road

Our plan today was to make some miles. That plan petered out at Watson Lake, where we stopped for the night. There are only a couple of RV parks in town, and for some reason, we were too tired to deal with boondocking, so we decided to stop at one of them. At $46CAD per night, jammed into a gravel parking lot, with slides touching, we went to bed. This RV park was probably the most expensive for nothing park we have ever stayed at, and we have stayed at a few. The sites were so tight, our right side neighbor didn’t bother to open his slide on the driver’s side – if he had, we may not have been able to open the short bus door. Yes, it was that tight.

We were so glad to be out of there we actually left by 9AM, which is probably a record for us. The rest of the Alaska Highway we hadn’t seen yet, so we were looking forward to the drive. And it didn’t disappoint.

Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway


Buffalo on the Highway

Baffalo Jam

Yes, even in the middle of nowhere – Buffalo Jam!

Alaska highway

The road around Liard Hot Springs

Muncho Lake

If it had been sunny, the lake would have been oh so blue. Muncho Lake

Mucho Lake

Another view where the clouds are thinner

Toad River

The beautiful green Toad River

Liard Hot Springs had been our plan but sitting around in a pool, no matter how pretty, with 50 other people was not my idea of fun – it was very crowded. So we continued on to Toad River Lodge ($30CAD). The setting was beautiful, the sites were spacious, and there was a lake.  The manager was very nice, the restaurant was okay and the sleep was restful despite being near the highway. We decided to stay a second day to get some laundry done and just relax a bit. We had a cocktail with another couple returning from Alaska who also did the same thing.

The extra day did us well. We were able to drive all the way to Dawson Creek before giving up for the day. We ended up at the Walmart, just wanting a place to sleep for a few hours. There was at least a dozen rigs that evening, and even more when we woke up the next morning. The sign stated, “We welcome overnight parking” so we did.

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3 thoughts on “The Alaska Highway

  1. Your photos of the Alaska Highway are beautiful. We are still trying to decide which road to take on the way back to the Lower 48 – that or the Cassiar. It seems like a tough call, since they both pass through amazing scenery. You are fortunate to have driven both of them.

    • The Cassiar is beautiful and it runs by Stewart and Hyder, which has prime bear viewing now. But the Alaska Highway has some beautiful places… You had the most amazing inside passage trip up – nothing will beat that!

  2. Gorgeous drive; love the buffalo jam. Agree about Liard Hot Springs … sitting around in a pool with a bunch of people is not my idea of fun. For that reason we even by-passed the famed Blue Lagoon of Iceland, opting for a less-touristy but similar experience in Myvatn.

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