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Free Camping – Clark Canyon Reservoir

After spending a couple of days in a private park, we were looking to ‘get away.’ So we headed south looking for a place to boondock. We made it all the way down to Clark Canyon Reservoir, a Bureau of Reclamation area with many campgrounds around the lake. We checked out a few of the campgrounds and returned to the first one: it was closer to the highway but it provided beautiful views, sheltered picnic tables, a water pump, and a large lakeside site. On the other side, if needed there is a full hookup campground for RVs ($30/night).

campground view

view from the campground

In the afternoons, clouds would roll in providing a wonderful respite from the heat. The winds would pick up, the sky would drizzle for about half an hour, and then it would all go away.


Clouds rolling in

While there, we got to see lots of birds, including bald and golden eagles and strangely, pelicans. I had always thought Pelicans were a more tropical bird. See, I learn something every day.


pelicans at Clark Canyon

We spent afternoons watching the shadows move across the mountains.


The view from our campsite – shadows moving all afternoon

Clark Canyon Reservoir was a very peaceful, enjoyable location to take in the sun, relax and just zone out. I even got out my hammock and hung it up in the shelter to rock in the breeze. We would have stayed longer than we did but we ran out of water. We will one day be back, though.

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One thought on “Free Camping – Clark Canyon Reservoir

  1. Peaceful … wonderful.

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