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living nomadically


We retired from “The American Dream” of day jobs, home ownership, and routine daily life in January, 2014. We hopped in our travel trailer and raced around the country for a few months. We decided we wanted a jeep so we traded in the truck and travel trailer for a Class A Fleetwood Bounder and a Wrangler. And then traveled around the country some more. Which is what we are doing now.

Mike is a retired Police Officer, country boy, and baseball fan (everything Orioles!). Courtenay is a retired cubicle dweller, hippie chick, and photographer. Belle, our 17 year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua, died in March, 2016. We are considering getting a new rescue companion.

If it makes a difference, we are in our forties. We spent years socking away money so we could retire early and see the world. We decided to start with the United States and expand from there.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Shelly on said:

    I”m so excited to follow this blog!

  2. So happy for you. How exciting!! I so love photography. So I will love to see more incredible pics. You did such a fine job taking photos of Circle of Fire, and what a great time we had! Happy trails! Darlene

  3. Hi there fellow nomads! I am excited to read more from you. Stay safe and warm.

  4. Kevin Villars on said:

    I read your post about the Ready Brute Elite towing the Jeep. So far, I have almost the identical setup but I haven’t decided on a base plate yet. I was also looking at the RockHard bumper with tabs but those little tabs make me nervous. I assume you’re happy with that setup? Do you like the Ready Brute Elite ‘s braking system? I just bought my Ready Brute Elite but I have to decide on the base plate first before I can try it out. Any behind-the-scenes tips with your setup that I need to know about? Do you also use the emergency brake-away cable system or just the regular safety cables?

    -Kevin Villars
    2015 Forest River FR3 30DS
    2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    • Please accept my apology for taking so long to reply!
      The tabs on the Rockhard bumper are as strong as the tabs found on baseplates if not stronger. They are welded steel. I’m not sure how baseplates connect but our bumper is attached to the frame. It also saved us the money of having to buy a winch plate and bull bar. They are all integrated and welded into the bumper.
      We absolutely love the set up. We don’t loose any ground clearance with the Rockhard that we would loose with a baseplate. Also, since our tabs are higher and more in line with the hitch from the motorhome, we do not need a drop shank to ensure everything is level – I think the Ready Brute Elite requires everything within 4″ or so? The braking system works great. We only had one problem – in a brush/automatic car wash, somehow the brush pulled the cable and locked the brake – in the middle of the car wash. A very quick call to Ready Break gave us the release information we needed (just a little button). We have the break away cable system installed along with the safety cables. We don’t know if they/it works – we haven’t had a break away situation. We have traveled over 25K miles with the set up, going from Florida to Alaska and back. Everything has worked well.
      With the Jeep, for lights, we went with a Mopar Harness and bought a 7 pin cable.
      Tips? Sometimes, the system can bind. This happens occasionally when you park with the MH and the Jeep at an angle. If you get in the jeep and turn the steering wheel a little it will usually unbind. If not, start the Jeep and move it forward or back an inch or two. This always fixes the problem. Double check all your connections when you stop. We must not have connected one of the safety cables completely and we dragged it for about 50 miles. Still works!
      We looked and thought and schemed and planned for about six months on how we were going to tow our jeep. In the end, we figured the easiest, cheapest, most reliable set up (takes 2 minutes total hooking or unhooking) was with a Rockhard Bumper and a Ready Brute Elite.

  5. How wonderful to start your full timing adventures while still in your forties!

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