Coloring the Void

living nomadically


2014 Fleetwood Bounder 33C

We love our Bounder. It came with a satellite dish, a 1200W inverter, a power management system, a convection microwave, decent sized water tanks, too many televisions, and a king size bed. There are a lot of upgrades in the 2016 model, ones we wish we had, but over time, we hope to add those (like the plastic doghouse).

We have added 600W of solar panels to our roof coupled with a Blue Sky Controller and 4 AGM 6V batteries. We love our solar system, installed by Marv of Precision RV, and still occasionally dance a jig when we watch our batteries fill with free solar power. The system cost seems high but, in less than a year, we should recoup our costs with campground fee savings.


2015 Jeep Willys Wheeler Wrangler

We love our Jeep! It’s a little upgraded from stock – we added a custom bumper from Rockhard for our winch and in lieu of a baseplate for towing. We tow it with a Ready Brute Elite tow bar and braking system.




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